Accelerating Empowerment through Education

Dubai-headquartered Blue Ocean Academy is one of the Middle East’s largest knowledge empowerment enterprises with footprints across the globe. A multiple-award winning organization backed by its professional and pragmatic approach.

Blue Ocean Mission


Excellence and innovation are at the forefront of everything we deliver. The passion and integrity of our teams drive our mission forward.

  • - To provide world-class, cost-effective value-for-money employment-linked training courses in a relaxed, friendly, accessible multi-cultural environment
  • - To forge and strengthen affiliations with some of the best international professional training institutions
  • - To provide a rewarding and inspiring experience that meet or exceed the Customers’ expectations and gain recognition in Training, Education, Consulting, Talent Management and Conferences

We have embarked on a lifetime journey of excellence, and the passion for offering quality and innovative services to our customers has only become stronger with time.

Blue Ocean Mission


Since inception, Blue Ocean has been driven by the passion to become the leading partner for professional training services in the Middle East.

  • - To become a highly trusted knowledge empowerment enterprise in the Middle East Region by providing quality education and training
  • - To become a key player in associated services like Consulting, Conferences and Talent Management

As we continue to expand our footprint beyond the Middle East, our focus would be to design and deliver an impeccable and unforgettable experience for our customer base.


At Blue Ocean, we are driven by the values of SPIRIT - Service, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation & Teamwork. Blue Ocean manifests these core values in all its processes, to offer product and service excellence, ultimately resulting in empowerment of professionals and businesses.

Service - Delighting the customer
We acknowledge that the central reason for our business is to render impeccable service and satisfy our customers. In doing so, we are ready to be accountable and accept the consequences of any mistakes and to learn from them in order to grow, develop and improve.
Passion – The heart of everything we do
We express an internal desire and drive to strive for the highest level of professionalism, positivity and enjoyment in all aspects of the business by being consistent, punctual and innovative in our quest for service excellence.
Integrity – Creating trust
We act with honesty, subscribe to a high level of ethics, meet deadlines, ensure accurate information and reports, are transparent and have no hidden agendas, always honor our commitments and refrain from defamation of colleagues or company.
Respect – All are equal, job titles are only for delivering service
We will be courteous, tolerant, humble and disciplined. Mutual respect also entails valuing diversity, listening carefully, seeking to understand and having a desire to seek consensus. We seek to treat others how we wish to be treated.
Innovation – We create value for our Customers
We create value in many ways, such as incremental improvements to existing products/services, creation of entirely new products and services, or reducing cost.
Teamwork – One team, one vision, stronger united
We believe in supporting, growing, uplifting each other and working together towards a common goal. Together we achieve more. We recognise that everyone is unique and the combination of these skills working together promotes a healthy company culture.

Our timeline


Winner of Dubai Quality Appreciation Award

  • New branches in Riyadh, Pune, Delhi & Kochi
  • International Human Resource Conference
  • Winner of Superbrands UAE
  • Winner of Best Workplaces in Asia
  • Winner of Best Workplaces in the UAE
  • Training programs in Arabic introduced
  • 6 th International Procurement & Supply Chain Conference
  • UAE’s first professional training company to win Superbrands Award
  • Great Place to Work certified
  • Top Ten Best Places to Work in the Middle East
  • Launched virtual learning solutions
  • Opened new branch in Abu Dhabi

Strategic Objectives

Our vision, mission and values outline a strategic set of objectives to ensure we are headed in the right direction.
- Provide authentic and quality training with the right set of tools and techniques
- Maintain the highest standard of quality in our delivery of products and services  
- Strive for continuous innovation and excellence to match futuristic trends  
- Creating a holistic workplace culture for greater employee engagement
Blue Ocean Mission


“We are a passionate and fearless team that is not afraid to conquer the unknown. Every achievement inspires us to set new goals for ourselves.”
Mohamed Al Ali
Group Vice- Chairman
Blue Ocean Corporation
“A people-centric organization, Blue Ocean is famed for its consistent employee-value proposition acts. Our employees are at the heart of the organization.”
Abdul Azeez
Group Chairman
Blue Ocean Corporation.
“We have spent over 25 years building our processes and re-evaluating them. Our success stories inspire other UAE-based brands to strive for global excellence.”
Dr. Sathya Menon,
Group C
Blue Ocean Corporation

Facts and milestones

Our name is derived from the Blue Ocean Strategy where we create our own markets.
Blue Ocean operates in 16 countries across GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Blue Ocean has a 130,000+ worldwide alumni community.
Blue Ocean has won over 25+ international awards and recognitions.
Blue Ocean is the UAE’s first corporate and professional training services to win Superbrands award.
Blue Ocean Academy won the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award in 2023
Blue Ocean has been certified with Best Workplaces in UAE, Best Workplaces in Asia and Best Workplaces for Parents in UAE honours by the Great Place to Work awarding body
The Academy has the largest chain of supply chain professionals in the Middle East.
Blue Ocean has 4000+ Google reviews and maintains a score of 4.7/5.
Blue Ocean Toast Masters Club is one of the popular community clubs in Dubai.
Blue Ocean facilitates training in both English and Arabic languages.
In 2020, Blue Ocean launched its instructor-led virtual learning solutions.
The Academy has over 500+ courses for professionals across diverse industries.
Blue Ocean is the host of IPSC (International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference), one of the Middle East’s biggest supply chain event.
In 2022, Blue Ocean hosted a unique Metaverse themed HR conference – International Human Resource Conference.
BOWLD – Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development – an exclusive conference hosted by the women workforce of Blue Ocean on International Women’s Day.

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